Comfortable Footwear for Essential Workers

Essential workers are the modern day superheroes. Whether they are healthcare professionals saving lives in the hospital, grocery store employees making sure we have food on our shelves, or restaurant employees prepping meals for delivery - we owe them a big thank you. 

Since they are putting in long hours on their feet, we decided to make a list of shoes that would keep their feet feeling good even after a grueling shift.

This is just a short list of our favorites. Some are slip resistant, others are super easy to clean and disinfect. They are all designed with comfort and overall foot health in mind.

# 1 - Dansko Professional and XP 2.0

Dansko XP 2.0 in Black Tooled


Available for both men and women.

This is the shoe that made Dansko a household name and rightfully so. The Professional Clog has become a staple for people looking for a shoe that can handle a lot of hours on their feet. They are good for plantar fasciitis.

The XP 2.0 is an updated version of the classic clog. It’s lighter, has a cushioned  and supportive footbed with good arch support, as well as a slip resistant sole. 

Some prefer the classic Professional, others the XP 2.0. There is no right answer, just what feels better for you.

# 2 - Birkenstock Profi Birki and Super Birki Clog

Birkenstock Profi Birki 

Available for both men and women.

The Birkenstock Profi Birki and Super Birki Clogs have become synonymous with all day comfort. It has a non slip sole, is oil and grease resistant giving you grip in a variety of working conditions as well as having a removable footbed that molds to your feet so they get better the longer you wear them and.

A unique feature about these is how easily they can be cleaned. Since the body of the clog is made of polyurethane, you don’t have to worry about substances staining the clog. Simply take out the footbed, wash/sanitize the body of the clog, put the footbed back in and you’re ready to go.

There are two main differences between the Profi Birki and Super Birki Clog.

  1. The height of the back. The back of the Profi Birki comes up higher than the Super Birki.
  2. The material of the footbed. The footbed in the Profi Birki is made of polyurethane while the Super Birki has a cork and latex mix footbed. 


# 3 - Birkenstock Boston Super Grip Clog

 Birkenstock Boston Super Grip

Available for both men and women.

A familiar shape, with a little something special. Even if you’ve never worn Birkenstocks before, you’ve probably seen this style before.

What makes this one different is the sole. “Super Grip” means that this model has a nonslip rubber sole. It combines all the support of Birkenstock's classic Boston clog, which by itself is very healthy for your feet and great for all day wear, and makes it better suited to low traction environments. 


# 4 - Dansko Paisley and Patti

Dansko Paisley in Grey / Blue

Available for Women.

A walking shoe designed to keep you feeling good, this is one of the most recommended shoes we have. The Dansko Paisley has it all. 

Most important for long shifts, the Paisley is supportive. It has the arch support and shock absorbency that will keep your feet feeling good even after hours on your feet. 

Have a custom orthotic? No problem. The footbed is removable so you can use your own insole if you’d prefer to do that. Additionally, it has waterproof construction so your feet stay dry and a slip resistant sole for extra grip.

If slip-ons are more your style, the Dansko Patti has you covered. Dansko took all the great features of the Paisley and put them in an easy to wear slip-on design.


# 5 - Dansko Walker and Wynn


Dansko Walker


Available for Men.

While they are famous for their clogs, Dansko has some great shoe options for Men for example, Walker and Wynn are some of the best in this style category. 

The Dansko Walker is a plain-toe oxford that is ready to get to work. The removable footbed is soft yet supportive. The triple density footbed gives good arch support and cushion while the rest of the she does a good job of absorbing the shock of each step you take. 

The sole is slip-resistant on most wet and oily-wet surfaces, so the wearer can walk with confidence. Even better? The leather is specially designed to be wiped clean with a damp cloth. 

Prefer a slip-on? The Dansko Wynn has all the support and slip resistant features in an easy to wear style.


# 6 - Vionic Pro Line

Vionic Kiara Pro 

Kiara Pro for Women. Landon Pro for Men.

Vionic has become one of our favorite brands. They have a unique blend of support and are lightweight that has made them a hit with podiatrists all over.

The Pro line has the strong arch support you’d expect from Vionic, and pairs it with a slip resistant sole to keep you on the move.

The Avery Pro Slip-On is designed with uppers that are both water and oil resistant, so clean up is a breeze. If that isn’t as much of a concern, the Kiara Pro for Women and Landon Pro for Men are great options. They look and feel like a traditional sneaker, but have the support, stability and cushioning you need for all day comfort.

# 7 - SAS Liberty and Guardian

SAS Liberty

Liberty for Women. Guardian for Men.

SAS Shoes may not be the first name that jumps right to mind for these kinds of shoes, but they are definitely one to consider. They have a few features which none of the other shoes on this list can offer.

First of all, SAS offers the largest range of both sizes and widths available totaling over 80 for women and 110 for men. With such a wide range of fitment options, there is a better chance of finding the right fit for every foot.

Additionally, both the SAS Liberty and SAS Guardian are Medicare and Diabetic Approved. 

Finally, SAS Shoes are made in America. This is uncommon in the footwear industry and something SAS takes great pride in.

That about sums it up! While there are more great options we could share, we wanted to keep this list to our absolute favorites.

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Until next time, keep walking!


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