SAS Maui

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Add a splash of color to your day with Maui. Maui’s patterned design makes it a stand out style that you’ll want to take from work day to weekend. SAS Tripad® Technology means these stylish flats are also supportive enough to keep you comfortable during a day on your feet. An all-day Cushion Outsole provides maximum shock absorption to keep you light on your feet. And the padded pack gently holds your ankle. Discover your favorite flat with Maui.

Heel Height: 0.75". This item features a removable footbed.

Designed to fit and follow the shape of your foot. Made on an exclusive SAS Elegant Fit Last™. SAS Tripad® Technology gives all-day comfort. Initial fit should be wide enough to stay comfortable across the ball of the foot and roomy enough in the front so the toes are not cramped.

  • TRIPAD® Technology: Comfort system that provides shock-absorption and support to the three main pressure points of the foot: inside ball, outside ball and heel.

  • Elegant Fit Last™: Unique to SAS, this special last follows the natural shape of your foot providing all-day comfort and giving plenty of room for your toes while maintaining a smart, elegant look.

  • Cushion Outsole: Superior Polyurethane material is durable, flexible, and provides long lasting cushion for all day comfort.

  • No-Bite Padded Back: Gently holds the heel without any uncomfortable biting or pulling.